(Updated August 24, 2019)

Since our draft list is constantly changing, please visit our Facebook or Instagram for up to date list.

* = new this week

*SUPER SPECIAL SAUCE - DDH New England Style Double IPA, 8.25%

*BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S - Berliner Weisse w/Blueberry & Maple Syrup, 5.25%

*IMPERIAL SMELLS LIKE BEAN SPIRIT - MOCACCINO - Breakfast Stout w/Vermont Maple Syrup, Tugboat Coffee, & Chocolate, 10.5%

BANANA OOH NA- NA (Collab w/Weldwerks Brewing) - Bananas Foster-Inspired Milkshake IPA w/banana, vanilla, brown sugar,

& cinnamon, 7.5%

TECHNO BOOGIE (Collab w/The Explorium Brewpub) - Chocolate Covered Imperial Stout w/Prezels, Sea Salt, & Cocoa Nibs, 10.5%

SUMMERTIME MAGIC - Lemon & Lime Radler, 4.0%

JAVA JIVE (Collab w/Cerebral Brewing) - Vietnamese Coffee Stout w/Condensed Milk, Milk Sugar, Vanilla Beans & Middle State Coffee - 10% ABV

DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME? (When we used to drink Farmhouse and Saison) - Farmhouse Ale Condidtioned 2 Years in a Solera Tank - 6.5% ABV

IMPERIAL SMELLS LIKE BEE SPIRIT - Breakfast Stout w/Vermont Maple Syrup, Tugboat Coffee & Meadowfoam Honey - 11% ABV


ERIS BREWERY & CIDERHOUSE: VAN VAN MOJO - Blueberry Cider Dry-Hopped w/Mosaic - 6.4% ABV

MIKEEES - Frozen Beer Slushies

*WATERMELON WEIZEN TO ILL - Hefeweizen w/Watermelon, 3.0%

*SUMMERTIME MAGIC - Lemon & Lime Radler, 2.0%

*BANANA OOH NA-NA - Bananas Foster Inspired Milkshake IPA w/Bananas, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, & Vanilla, 3.75%






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