What is Kenny-oke? It’s Karaoke, but with a twist. Most of you will be able to pick your music and rock it out. But Kenny might have a tendency to change your song leaving you singing a random song of Kenny’s choosing. You’ve been KENNY-OKED! Or maybe Kenny just isn’t feeling the Celine Dion song you’re singing and maybe he cuts the music and now you’re singing Taylor Swift. You’ve been KENNY-OKED! Or maybe you’re just ordering a beer and Kenny demands you sing him a song. Maybe he thinks you have “star” potential! Hope you’re up for a challange. You’ve been KENNY-OKED!

This edition we’re encouraging costumes to make the night even more fun and more entertaining! Wear your best costume, pick your best song, and get Kenny-oked!

Of course we’ll have a little something for you being such a good sport and having fun with us. Those that perform the best Kenny-oke of the evening or have the best costume will have a chance to win some brewery swag!

Kennyoke Halloween Cat Final (1).jpg